Support and Donations


General Donations:


Support current "A World for Tigers" projects, and target your investment at ensuring survival of the Indochinese tiger in Thailand and Myanmar. We are grateful for every donation…

30 Euros....                                                 


… enable two rangers to go on

patrol for two days and protect

tigers against poachers 





50 Euros...


… are needed for a first-aid-kit,

to free a tiger trapped in a wire

trap and to care for its wounds.




52 Euros...


… are enough to equip a game

ranger with good work boots and

a backpack for his daily work.










70 Euros...


… is the price of equipment

including GPS, cameras and

communications equipment.







Adopt a tiger or give a tiger adoption as a gift:

Adopt a tiger in Thailand and help us prevent the extinction of this majestic big cat!

As little as 10 € per month helps the "A World for Tigers" foundation achieve its goals of

  • training and deploying park rangers
  • improving tiger habitat
  • increasing the numbers of tiger prey 
  • investigating the population growth of tigers and their prey with the help of camera traps


As thanks for your donation, you will receive a personalized tiger adoption certificate, a tiger mousepad, as well as an annual project report about all activities and realized goals. An adoption can be cancelled at any time and without cause or reason.

We guarantee that 100% of all donations are spent on tiger protection projects.


Help us give the Indochinese tiger in Thailand and Myanmar the chance for a future!



Your donation is tax deductible!

The “A World for Tigers” foundation is recognized by the Munich Tax Office under the Tax Identification number 143/235/02650 and through the German-U.S. tax agreement as a not-for-profit organization due to its contribution to nature conservation, wildlife preservation and environmental protection.


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